Jan 24, 2012


Nothing much to do.. waiting for the kids to be back home.. and suddenly its starting to rain. I hear the pitter patter of the rain and the chirping of the birds .....It just takes me back to my childhood. I remember those times in summer when I would sit on the window ledge and wait for my papa to come home. The smell of wet mud just before it starts to rain was divine.  I loved sailing paper boats in the puddles, collecting hailstones to eat and simply getting wet in the downpour.  I remember the sun shine after the rain, the hue it cast on the walls, the feeling of being fresh..  Nothing seems to give the same feel thought the rain hasn't changed.. Probably its my mindset that has changed. I've grown too old to enjoy the rain.

Jan 14, 2012

Swinging or sliding?

My gate had been dangling on one hinge for quite some time and I dont know how long it could go on. Since its a small job, getting a trades person for the job has been quite a challenge. We finally decided to get a new gate but are unable to decide whether it would be a sliding one or swinging one. Many factors to take into consideration but its mainly the cost. Anyone with any ideas..

Jan 12, 2012

Surprise Mom..:)

What gift could ever surpass the surprise given to me by my kids.  They toiled all evening and produced the most beautiful birthday cake I have ever eaten. My elder one hopes to be a Masterchef someday and so I hope too.  She roped in her little sister and both set out on an adventurous evening baking me a trio flavoured chocolate sponge cake. For the topping they melted dark chocolate which is my favourite , vanilla icing and mixed berry jelly.

It was simply the best birthday gift  I ever had.

Jan 10, 2012

Road Trip from Sydney to Melbourne

The thought of driving for over 10 hours was daunting but looking at the airfares this was the cheaper option available. We started at around 7: 30 A.M and drove out of Sydney within 30 min. Then the route was pretty empty and straight all the way till we reached Melbourne.  We stopped over at Gunning which is about 2.5 hrs from Sydney.  Its a very small town with hardly 1000 people.  There are toilets on either side of the road.. one at the petrol station and another one next to the court house.

The next break was taken at Gundagai. We passed by the Dog on the Tucker box sign, but did not stop over Maybe next time.

There are fast food restaurants in Gundagai.   There are rest stops throughout the journey though I thought that the ones in NSW were much better than the ones in VIC.

The next stop was at Albury which is roughly 3 hours from Melbourne. A small city but with shopping malls its a nice place to stop.  Its a good idea to stop somewhere in Albury or Wangaratta as then its quite a while before you find some town on the way.  We did not find any coffee shops on the way till we reach Seymour.

Its roughly one hour from there to the northern edge of  Melbourne city . Altogether we took over 12.5 hours to reach Bundoora.

When in Melbourne, a visit to Ballarat is worth the effort . You get to feel the life during the Gold Rush. Its a whole day's programme but fun for all.  Have fun.