Feb 25, 2012

A man with a frown

There is an old ghost in town
Who is known as "The man with a frown"
He frowns everyday
And only stops in the month of May

He eats a lot of hay
Thirty-two kilos he weighs
He only grins a few times
He does not talk but mimes

Birds are all afraid of him
Because he takes all their eggs with a grin
He used to be really bad
Always rude to his mom and dad

Night time he sits next to his grave
Daytime watches the people who pretend to be brave,
Peaches and plums make him mad
As well as the ugly old cat.

He can camouflage as anyone
Even as a rotten bun
Be careful, watch out for him
He could be your only kin..

(written by my kid as an assignment to write a ghost story about a topic people believe.)

Feb 8, 2012

How time flies !!

It seems just like yesterday that my baby was born and she is already started going to school today. A few tears were shed.. by  me.. She was just excited to be in school, meet new people and have new friends.  The house seemed lonely. The TV was switched off and there was silence all around.  I guess that is what every parent  goes through at some point of their lives. But I'm glad I was lucky to spend the 5 beautiful years with her 24/7.. the time that will never come back..