Oct 2, 2012

LG 23" IPS (IPS237L) Monitor Review

I just couldn't wait for the new IPS monitor to be delivered for review. The box comes with a LG monitor which is light and slim, power cord, a CD containing the user guide and installation softwares,  D-Sub cable and a MHL cable.
Installations was pretty simple as all I had to do was push the stand into place and screw it in place. I tried it out with the HDMI cable( unfortunately not provided) but the result was amazing. My computer had no problem recognizing the new monitor and all I had to install was the True colour finder and the Dual package. The colours displayed are superb.. almost real like. The screen was a bit disappointing. Though it hardly has a frame and the screen looks like a cinema screen, it does not seem to be utilizing the whole screen. I finally figured out what was going on - The screen is not fully utilized with the HDMI cable but its ok while using the D-Sub cable. But the output was highly compromised while using the D-Sub cable. 
The super energy saving setup lets you browse guilt free. The touch menu buttons are sometimes a bit of work to manipulate.  Probably I just need to get used to it a bit more. 
The Dual package enables you to control the display on the monitor through the touch menu screen. The Dual Display feature allows you to either clone or extend the display but the most amazing feature was the Dual Web display. It allows you to open two pages at once splitting the screen in half. Its very good for people who want to have a continous display of data while they are doing something else..eg. share market etc. You dont have to keep switching between pages unlike the regular monitors. I for one found this feature extremely useful and was very impressed by it. 
The picture quality is the best you can get and  the cinema screen feature means you can see the image from any angle without any change to the output. I tried lying down as well as going to the far extreme end but my view was the same from all possible angles. It means I can relax or multitask and see the movies from where I like unlike earlier where I had to sit in front of my monitor if I had to see a movie.  
This monitor does not come with its own speakers which is a bit disappointing as I had to hunt for my speakers. 
But in whole the LG IPS monitor is surely set to please the users.