Jun 29, 2012

Stare at the red dot on the nose for half a minute, then look at a plain wall and blink frequently. What do you see?

Jun 5, 2012

Heinz Squeeze and Stir Instant Soup

Product talk by Nuffnang

Being a part of the Nuffnang team, I got to sample the New Heinz Squeeze and Stir Instant SOup. Was impressed with the packaging as I didn't expect to receive a soup mug, place mat and spoon with the soup sample..

The soup package itself was impressive as its a small tube with a pulpy matter inside unlike the dry powder like stuff you generally find in instant soups. Was easy to make as all I had to do was add boiling water and mix. I didn't like the texture that much though as it was a bit watery. I prefer my soups to be a bit more thick. But the taste was fantastic. I tried the big tomato flavour and the Tomato with vegetables flavour and both were an instant hit in my family. The kids lapped it up quickly and asked for more..