Jul 11, 2012

I've Got Your Number

I received this book for review from Random House Australia and the first impression I got when I read the title was that this novel was something similar to so many others out there. Some bad girl finds some guy's secrets  and is trying to blackmail him or something... but was pleasantly surprised to find that the story was totally not what I expected.

The story line is about a girl, Poppy, who lost her engagement ring and her phone only to find another phone in the bin. That incident leads to her assumably perfect life in tangles. She gets to know Sam, a businessman. The slow flow of emotions and the messaging between Sam and Poppy leads to feelings which they are not sure off.. and with a movie style ending its a must read.

 The book is fun to read and you cant help but fall in love with Poppy and Sam.. 

I've never shared an in-box with anyone  in my life. I didn't expect  it to feel so.....intimate. It's as if we're  suddenly sharing an underwear drawer or something. '
                 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox  :)'

Kinsella, Sophie.jpg
Sophie Kinsella has managed to keep the suspense till the last page. Initially though the story line moves a bit slow for my liking but as you reach the middle, it get difficult to put the book down.

Throughout the book Sophie has footnotes in some pages.. little notes which make a funny read at the bottom of the page.  Though at times, you read the footnote and realize that you didn't see any word that was numbered.

Overall a good book and I would certainly read more of Sophie Kinsella's books.


  1. sounds like a great book. Thanks for the review. Will be sure to look out for it :)