Jul 9, 2012


Coffee is the first thing in the morn' that helps me start my day and so I was excited to be a part of the trial team for Nescafe Cafe menu conducted by Soup Team (soup.com.au) The delight was obvious and I felt like a child in a toy store when I saw the variety of coffee flavours they had send me to taste. I love coffee and just couldn't resist having a cuppa at that very moment. It was difficult to choose one particular flavour.

The sachets are easy to tear and so you don't need to go hunting for a pair of scissors. That's a plus point as I never seem to find my kitchen scissors when needed. The quantity of coffee powder in each sachet is enormous and you can make a large cup of coffee. Its truly a gift for the coffee lovers. All you need to do is add warm water and mix.Its so easy to prepare that my 11 year old prepares a cup for me now and then. I found it a bit on the lower end of sweetness as I prefer my coffee to be a bit more sweet. I need to add extra sugar. The flavour hits you instantly and its close to having coffee we get in cafes. Its thick in texture and leaves you licking your lips in the end.
There are many flavours to choose from and some come with chocolate shakers..yummo

1. Cappuccino (strong, skim or regular)
2. Mocha (regular or skim)
3. Caramel Latte
4. Vanilla Latte
5. Hazelnut Latte
6. Latte

The Caramel by far was my most favourite followed by the Hazelnut Latte. My daughter loved taking a sip or two from my cup too.

I have truly enjoyed my coffee since I received the sachets and can have a flavourful cup when my heart feels like one. Keep tuned as next week I would be hosting a competition worth $150 thanks to Soup and Nescafe. Till then l'm off to have another one.

Mocha..no, Caramel..no. Something in skim...aaah.. its so difficult to choose.. 

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  1. Hazelnut! YUM!

    :) what delicious and easily made coffee :)